SKYMOD’s 101: A Discussion with Sky Eye’s President, Richard Hansen

All across North America, Producers are increasingly pressed to find semi-permanent infrastructure options that provide flexibility, minimize capital spends and have lower impacts on their surrounding environments. Sky Eye’s President, Richard Hansen, reflects on the evolution of SKYMOD’s – Sky Eye’s Modular Solutions Packages.

Q: Can you tell me what a SKYMOD is? 

A: SKYMOD’s are our solution to a turnkey site solution. We pre-build the solutions in our shop, design them and engineer them so that everything is ready for quick set up on-site by the time we ship the unit. SKYMOD’s are very simple to transfer by truck. Especially with our SKYMOD Modular Terminals, we can package them in a way that reduces shipping costs and decrease transportation-related emissions.

SKYMOD’s are easy to set up on-site with minimal impact on operations and the surrounding environment. Our SKYMOD’s are super flexible and easy to disassemble and move, which means our clients can pick them up and move them to another site if market conditions or volume requirements change.

Q: How did you come up with the idea for SKYMOD’s? 

A: Our driving force was that we wanted to provide a simple, “pop-up” style terminal pump solution that was safe, quick and priced to fit short-term contract volumes. We wanted to enable our customers to be agile with a solution that fits their budgets. We also understood the importance of having something easy to move from site to site with minimal environmental impact.

Q: Why are SKYMOD’s so unique? 

A: SKYMOD’s are super flexible, which makes them unlike most other products on the market. They are easy to expand when volumes increase and simple to move when conditions change. This flexibility means our customers get way more “bang for their buck” when it comes to their capital spending – we know how important that is to our clients.

Q: What kind of clients are SKYMOD’s for? 

A: A SKYMOD solution is for clients with short-term contacts who want minimal on-site construction and impact to their site. They may not have the cash flow, time or desire to install permanent infrastructure on-site, so SKYMOD’s provide a quick and easy solution that has the option to be moved, re-sold or stay put and act as permanent infrastructure.

Q: What SKYMOD™ project are you most proud of? 

A: There are a couple of them. Our gasoline blending and additive skids in Mexico have allowed our clients to move raw products from the USA into Mexico, then blend that product to their retail gasoline spec and deliver it directly to service stations. Those projects were a big shift for us.

Another recent SKYMOD solution was a more permanent installation on Canada’s East Coast to top-offload Ethanol at a rail terminal site. These modular packages were built at our shop in Acheson in under six weeks from drawings approval. They were shipped in a way that was basically like unpacking and assembling LEGO (for lack of a better term) on site. That was an incredible accomplishment by our Engineering, Projects and Fabrication team.

Q: Why are SKYMOD’s such a game-changer for Sky Eye?

A: Ultimately, SKYMOD’s have enabled us to expand from our traditional trailered portable units to delivering a larger-scale, temporary solution where traditionally, only a piece of permanent infrastructure would have worked. SKYMOD’s are a much quicker turnaround time and are significantly less expensive than traditional permanent infrastructure – not to mention way more flexible.

Q: How has our nearly 17 years in business led us to develop SKYMOD’s? 

A: We’re consistently striving to grow and innovate alongside our clients and deliver solutions with their best interests in mind. SKYMOD’s were one of those developments where we found a solution to a client’s problem: the need for a turnkey solution at a semi-permanent site that could move large volumes of product with minimal site work. SKYMOD’s are a prime example of our solutions-based approach.

Q: Is there anything like SKYMOD’s in North America?

A: No, not that I’m aware of. SKYMOD’s offer an all-in-one engineered solution that we can deliver in a time frame that’s way shorter than it takes to provide permanent infrastructure at a fraction of the price. No other company I’m aware of in North America can deliver that kind of client-focused, innovative solution.