Sky Eye delivers turn-key LACT and MCC packages for three locations, tying into a new, clean oil gathering system feeding into Secure Energy’s Fox Creek FST.

In late 2019, Secure Energy contracted Sky Eye to design and build three Lease Automated Custody Transfer (LACT) systems with motor control centre’s (MCC’s) for their full-service terminal (FST) in Fox Creek, Alberta, Canada.

Secure Energy previously had a logistics-intensive method of receiving light oil and condensate from multiple producer sites to their FST. The producer’s drivers would travel 45 minutes to site with an empty truck, load it, and drive back to the FST. Secure decided to create a safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly transportation method by installing a clean, crude gathering pipeline system and LACT pumping systems.

With this significant investment in physical assets, Secure reached out to Sky Eye to help facilitate the transfer of their product. Sky Eye’s Engineering and Project Management teams worked closely with the Secure team to create a safe, effective solution that would complement Secure’s pipeline infrastructure. The composite sampling system contained in these LACT systems is a hybrid design resulting from the in-depth knowledge and shared history Sky Eye has with Secure. The automation that controls the samples uses an in-line isokinetic probe, an automated purge, and a sample control system to control the sampling system.


Secure’s LACT systems were a single-source turn-key solution, and Sky Eye completed the engineering, design, drafting, fabrication, startup and site assistance. In the future, when Secure needs maintenance, parts or training, they only have to make one stop: Sky Eye. We adopt this process in all of our projects to save our clients time, money and headaches by only having to manage a single vendor. We’ll do the rest, and we’re proud to “service what we sell.” Our ongoing services for this project include meter proving, water-cut analyzers and composite verification and maintenance.


  • Quintuplex Pumps and centrifugal booster pumps
  • Coriolis metering
  • Watercut monitoring with divert valves
  • A Composite Sampling system
  • PLC, MCC, HVAC, air compressor, UPS in MCC building