At Sky Eye, “Safety” is our number one value, and we make that the safety of our people, our clients, and our products our top priority.


We use a Safety Management Software that allows our entire team to have real-time, 24-7 access to safety notifications, processes and procedures via an app and a web-based platform. This software helps us ensure compliance and uphold safety culture in our shop, site, and office. Additionally, in keeping with our commitment to reducing our environmental impact, this approach enables us to be completely paperless.


Sky Eye’s Management team meets once a week for a Safe Start Meeting. A Safe Start meeting gives our team a quick overview of what’s coming up for the week and potential areas to monitor and improve. We hold company-wide Safety Meetings weekly. In the company-wide meetings, our entire team has the opportunity to express safety concerns, review safety “wins” or areas for improvements, discuss industry learnings, and share “Safe Work” stories
and recommendations.


Sky Eye holds multiple safety certifications, including COR, which demonstrates that Sky Eye’s health and safety management system has been evaluated by a certified auditor and meets provincial standards. To maintain our COR certification, we undergo internal audits yearly and external audits every three years. Additionally, Sky Eye is a member of ISNet, ComplyWorks and Avetta.