Q: What units do you have available for rent? 
A: You can find all available units here. You can contact our Sales team at any time with any questions you might have.

Q: What’s your pricing structure like? 
A: It’s flexible! We have specific rental term rates, or you can enter into an option for a “lease to own” program.

Q: How long can I rent a unit (or units) for? 
A: Our rental terms are flexible. Typically, we do monthly minimum terms depending on equipment; note that rates will decrease with longer terms. That said, yes – there are discounts. At this time, we rent/lease in Canada and the USA.

Q: Do I get a discount if I rent multiple units?
A: Yes. We’re open to negotiation, especially with existing clients who are in good standing.

Q: Can I choose to buy a unit at the end of my rental term? 
A: Definitely. This would fall under our “lease to own” option. Alternately, if a client designs and builds a brand-new unit with us, and is interested in renting additional in-stock products, we can arrange a rental term whereby a portion of the rental cost will come off of the value of the new unit purchase price. Note that there are some restrictions on this option.

Q: What does on-site service look like with a Sky Eye rental unit?
A:  Our Field Services team will arrange to deliver your unit(s). We’ll have options within your contract to have our site team commission, set them up and train your operations group. Additionally, we offer an option to provide 24/7 remote service for the duration of your term.

Q: Can I retrofit a unit that you have in stock for my specific requirements? 
A: Absolutely, we do this all the time. One of our Applications Engineers can discuss options with you.

Q: Can Sky Eye retrofit one of our current units to fit a different application? 
A: Definitely, we do this all the time too. The process is the same as stock retrofits – one of our Applications Engineers can discuss options with you.