Refined Fuel Blender


Our Refined Fuel Blenders are efficient, accurate and designed to facilitate custom fuel blends.

  • Two refined fuels metered streams ratio blended to truck
  • Preset flow computers
  • Air elimination complete with integral level control
  • Digital control valves
  • Coriolis flow meters
  • Grounding and overfill protection
  • Load arm and API coupler
  • Optional fire and gas detection
  • Piping constructed to ASME B31.3
  • Modular skid design
  • Complete QC documentation
  • Approved by Professional Engineer (P.Eng)
  • Roto prime pumps
  • VFD motor control
  • 480 volt 3P 100 Amp Service
  • Optional 25’ retractable mast lighting
  • Optional onboard genset
  • Inline blending to truck at rates up to 1.8m3/min (475 gpm)
  • 0 – 20% blend range
  • BOL Ticket Printer
  • CSA C22, NEC, API 5O5 &541 area classification
  • Common drain header with pump
  • Optional multiple additive injection streams
  • Optional second load arm and meter run
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