Portable Fuel Transloader

Our Portable Fuel Transloaders are suitable for the transport of diesel, gasoline, MTBE and ethanol.

  • Preset Flow Computer
  • Grounding and overfill protection system
  • Air eliminator complete with integral level control
  • Digital control valve
  • API coupling and loading hoses
  • Coriolis or PD flow meter
  • Piping constructed to ASME B31.3
  • Complete QC documentation
  • Skidded module design allowing for future permanent placement
  • Approved by Professional Engineer (P.Eng)
  • 480 Vac 3P 60 Amp Service
  • Roto prime pump
  • VFD motor control
  • Optional 25’ retractable mast lighting
  • Highway transportable on DOT approved tandem trailer
  • CSA C22, NEC, API 505 & 541 area classification
  • Transfer of fuel between rail car and truck at a rate up to 1500L/min and 400 Gal/min
  • BOL ticket printer and card reader*
  • Optional gantry with hydraulic actuated loading platform, meets OH&S standards
  • Vapor balance system
  • Optional on-board generator