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SKYRAK Rail Top Access Platforms provide you with safe top-access to railcars. SKYRAKs are a modular, customizable solution that are designed and manufactured to high Canadian safety standards and codes.


Instrumentation and Safety Devices Incorporated Into Modular Design, i.e. Overfill Probes, ESD Buttons, Gas Monitoring, Ground Permissives

Structural Steel Fabrication and Modular Design for Easy Site Setup

Electrical and Piping Integration Ready

Designed to Comply with OH&S Regulations and Canadian Building Codes

Fabricated by CSA W47.1 Certified Shop with Registered Weld Procedures and CSA W59 for Welded Steel Construction

Designed in Accordance with CSA S16 – Design of Steel Structures and CSA G40.20 – Steel Quality Requirements.

Flexibility for Top Offload and Bottom Offload 

Engineering Reviewed and Stamped  

Surface Coating Options Include Paint, Galvanizing or Powder Coating 

Adaptable for Human Factors Considerations, ex. Operator Shelter, Weather Canopy, Lighting  

Drop-down, Adjustable Gangway Access to Rail Cars (Slide Track Assembly)

Adaptable for Load Arm Connections, Header Systems and Control Instrumentation