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Sky Eye’s refined fuels blending solutions are custom-designed for speed, accuracy and versatility and come in stationary and mobile configurations. RFB designs facilitate custom blend ratios to ensure that you ship the perfect fuel spec every time.


Two (2) metered streams ratio blended to truck

Coriolis flow meters

BOL Ticket Printer

Preset flow computers

Grounding and overfill protection

Roto prime pumps

Air elimination with integral level control

Load arm and API coupler

VFD motor control

Digital control valves

Complete QC documentation

480 volt 3P 100 Amp Service

Piping built to ASME B31.3

Inline blending to truck at rates up to 1.8m3/min (475 gpm)

0 – 20% blend range

CSA C22, NEC, API 5O5 & 541 area classification

Common drain header with pump

Optional multiple additive injection streams

Optional second load arm and meter run

Optional fire and gas detection