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Sky Eye’s fleet of Meter Provers complement our service offerings for our upstream and midstream oil and gas clients. Our Provers facilitate the verification of custody transfer meters in Truck Offloading, Rail Loading, and pipeline LACT systems through Western Canada via scheduled routes to minimize customer expenses. 


Sky Eye’s Proving fleet comprises of two 10″ ball displacement provers with onboard Coriolis master meters, automated proving controllers and electronic reports. For facilities and rail meters where portable solutions are essential, we have 2″ and 3″ Master Meter automated Coriolis proving units mounted on hand carts.


  • Volume: 602.202 Liters
  • Flow rate: Up to 200 M3/H
  • Hose Rating: Up to 250 PSI
  • Pre-run: 10 Feet
  • 300 ANSI Flanges
  • Onboard Coriolis, Flow computer
  • 2″ to 4″ meters


  • Volume: 1211.42 Liters
  • Flow Rate: Up to 550 M3/H
  • Hose rating: up to 200 PSI
  • Pre-run: 20 Feet.
  • 300 ANSI Flanges
  • 2″ to 8″ meters