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Sky Eye’s safe and code-compliant propane and butane transloaders are efficient, reliable and ensure quick offloading times from rail to truck or truck to rail. These units utilize a high-capacity Corken compressor.


Corken compact compressor package

Automated truck grounding system

Engineered and certified package

Automated compressor and process shutdowns via PLC

Overpressure protection for piping and components

Clean, effective flow-through design for efficient offloading times

Audio and visual alarm indication

Standard compressor safety equipment

Flow rates up to 1500LPM/ 400GPM

Package isolation via five automated ESD valves

Meets and exceeds Canadian Safety Standards

Optional ambient gas monitoring

Wireless shutdown remote

Optional top access gantry with gangway can be fixed or portable

Optional Vortex flow-rate Indicator

Optional low power LED lighting with retractable mast

Optional onboard power generator