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Sky Eye’s Jet Fuel Transloader is legal for trade and is designed to transfer/meter from rail to truck at rates up to 1,500 L/minute (400 GPM). This legal for trade unit is easy to transport and comes on a DOT-approved tandem trailer.


Preset flow computer

Coriolis or PD Flow Meter

Digital control valve

Grounding and overfill

Coalescent separator filter

480 Vac 3P 60 Amp Service

Protection system

Truck side load arms and API coupling

VFD Motor Control

Air eliminator complete with integral level control

Roto Prime centrifugal pump

Vapor balance system

All piping constructed to ASME B31.3

Complete QC documentation

Transfer of fuel between rail car and truck at a rate up to 1500L/min and 400 Gal/min

Highway transportable on DOT approved tandem trailer

CSA C22, NEC, API 505 & 541 Area Classification