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Sky Eye’s custom Crude/Butane Blending solutions will help you bolster your sales stream by staying within your crude-quality limits and facilitate the addition of low-cost feedstock’s to your oil volumes.


HMI, PLC, skid and building with full electrical

Sample points on feedstock and result streams

40m3/hr or 80m3/hr crude designs with 10% blend streams

Coriolis flow meters

Volume weighted automatic composite sampler

Steel skid and self-framed building

Inline mixing element complete with C1 and C2 calculations

Fire and gas detection system

Class 1, Zone 2 area rated, complete with FE study

Variable Frequency (VFD) controlled electric motor

Inline water cut meter

Instrument air header

Meter proving taps

General purpose room and MCC

Tank or Inline blending (automatic or manual modes)

Ratio, Density or TVP target blend modes

Shutdown key and control narrative

LED lighting

Explosion-proof receptacle

Plant communication and data mapping

Optional Sample lab, sink,chemical tank and centrifuge

Online Vapor Pressure Analyzer integrated for real-time process control