Additive Injection Package

Sky Eye’s Injection package is a turn-key solution for all types of additive situated at a transloader, load rack, or at a pipeline. This package is available with single or dual pumps, pre-installed tubing, a pressure relief valve, strainer, pressure gauge, and as many Hammer Injection blocks as required.
Our Additive Injection package comes pre-wired with all required components including motor starter, breaker, mounted in an enclosure rated for hazardous locations. The package is designed to used with any existing preset controller or can work stand-alone with any type of injection controller.
  • Completely assembled, piped and wired
  • ASI Hammer Injection block(s) w/chemraz seals
  • 5 GPM Single ductile iron pump with optional stainless steel
  • Structural painted with “Endura” epoxy with customer-specific colors with galvanized option
  • Combination starter/breaker mounted in enclosure rated for hazardous area with optional remote mounted VFD
  • Mechanical package includes pressure relief, stainless steel ball valves, pressure gauge(s), and tubing
  • Threaded piping and fittings stainless steel with optional socketweld