A turnkey solution that supports power distribution in Northern Alberta.

In 2020, a client came to us with a potential collaboration to fulfill their end user’s requirements, a leading power producer as part of the Cascade Power Project located in Yellowhead County, Southwest of Edson. This project involved the construction of two natural gas metering buildings and two electrical support buildings. Sky Eye was enlisted as a subcontractor to complement our client’s offerings to the end user.

This project was quoted in early 2020, with a purchase order received in May 2021. The products were shipped in late 2022, and the facility became operational in late 2023.

One of the unique aspects of this project was Sky Eye’s turnkey solution, integrating metering, power, and control into a single system. The natural gas metering buildings were equipped with advanced filtration systems to ensure the cleanest natural gas for metering, and we utilized our expertise in measurement to implement a scalable solution tailored to the project’s specific requirements. This project held some complexity in engineering coordination due to its scale and the involvement of multiple partners, so diligence and careful planning ensured seamless collaboration and resolution of any roadblocks.

This project is a testament to Sky Eye’s legacy as measurement experts and helped us bridge a crucial gap for our client.

The end user benefits from the certainty in measurement, quality, and cost associated with the supplied natural gas feedstock. Sky Eye’s extensive experience as measurement experts allowed us to bridge a crucial gap in their client’s business, providing a reliable and accurate solution for natural gas measurement and ensuring the highest quality feedstock for the power plant.

This project is a testament to our reputation as measurement experts, and Sky Eye applied our expertise to navigate the complexities of the natural gas measurement process. Our innovative approach lay in our ability to efficiently design and implement the project based on previous experiences, ensuring optimal functionality and reliability.

The successful completion of this project underscored Sky Eye’s proficiency in providing tailored solutions in the field of natural gas measurement. By seamlessly integrating technology, expertise, and efficiency, we played a pivotal role in enhancing the operational capabilities of the Cascade Power Project.