Jet Fuel Transloader

Sky Eye’s Jet Fuel Transloader is legal for trade, and is designed to transfer/meter from rail-to-truck at rates up to 1,500 L/minute (400 gallons per minute).

Our standard package is transportable on a DOT-approved tandem trailer, complete with an onboard pump, coriolis or PD flow meter, preset flow computer, local BOL printer, digital flow control valve, grounding/overfill protection. We proudly offer a variety of optional features, including rail top access gantry, onboard genset, crank up light mast, fire and gas detection.

  • Preset Flow Computer
  • Grounding and Overfill
  • Protection system
  • Air eliminator c/w integral level control
  • Coriolis or PD Flow Meter
  • Coalescing separator filter
  • Truck side load arms and API coupling
  • Roto Prime Centrifugal Pump
  • Digital control valve
  • Piping constructed to ASME B31.3
  • Complete QC documentation
  • Approved by Professional Engineer
  • 480 Vac 3P 60 Amp Service
  • VFD Motor Control
  • Transfer of Fuel between Rail Car and Truck at a rate up to 1500L/min and 400 Gal/min
  • Highway transportable on DOT approved Tandem Trailer
  • Vapor balance system
  • CSA C22, NEC, API 505 & 541 Area Classification
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