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Safe Top Access

Regardless of type – LPG, Condensate, Diesel, Butane, Ethanol, or Crude – our safe-top access truck-to-rail system is completely customizable for your application requirements.


we have a solution

Portable and permanent measurement solutions used for troubleshooting and optimization application in oilfields remain at the core of Sky Eye’s services.

We provide skidded packages of gas and liquid automated measurement equipment such as meters, test separators and water cut analyzers to oilfield companies.

We have a large rental fleet of customizable measurement equipment to meet any of your temporary service needs.

professional Support & service

We personally service all of our solutions

From device install and calibration, to full package commissioning, our team of certified Instrument Technicians and Journeymen Electricians are capable of implementing and servicing all the solutions we rent and sell.


“Not only are our people knowledgeable, they’re a pleasure to deal with.”

Richard Hansen, President

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We deal some of the most reliable measurement and control equipment in the industry. Click the button below to see a list of our trusted brands.


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