Zana, CPHR

Director, Human Resources and Corporate Services

Zana brings her expertise to Sky Eye as our Director, HR and Corporate Services, contributing a wealth of knowledge accumulated over more than a decade in the field. With a strong background in HR management, Zana excels in shaping and refining HR processes, enhancing employee engagement, and fostering an award-winning organizational culture. In Zana’s pivotal role, she takes charge of critical areas such as recruitment, training, and employee engagement strategies.

Zana is a CPHR Certified HR Professional, a testament to her commitment to excellence in the field. Her approach to employee growth is both thoughtful and strategic, earning the admiration and respect of our entire team. Zana’s influence extends beyond the realm of HR; she plays a key role in our leadership team, guiding our employees through periods of change, leading succession planning initiatives, and implementing skills development programs.

With her extensive experience and empathetic leadership style, Zana is an indispensable asset to Sky Eye. Her dedication to nurturing a positive workplace environment and her ability to navigate complex HR challenges make her an integral part of our success.