Field Services Manager

Peter Fenn is a seasoned service manager with a diverse background spanning over three decades in the fields of electronics, telecommunications, petrochemicals, and oil and gas. Peter’s professional journey began in the military, where he dedicated 15 years to honing his skills in electronics and telecommunications. Transitioning to the private sector, Peter continued his career in telecommunications for another decade before venturing into the Oil and Gas industry in Alberta. Here, he specialized in managing large rotating equipment and led a team of skilled millwrights, ensuring the seamless operation of vital equipment in the oil and gas sector. Peter later expanded his expertise to the world of pipelines.

In the pivotal Field Service Manager role, Peter oversees our service department’s rapid expansion. In this role, he provides essential support and coaching to a team of 12 Field Technicians who work across North America. His approach emphasizes the customer experience, cultivating positive interactions and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Peter’s leadership style is characterized by mentorship, guidance, and support, all aimed at empowering his team for success in the field. He is dedicated to instilling a sense of pride and professionalism in his technicians, ensuring they uphold Sky Eye’s commitment to exceptional service.

Peter was drawn to Sky Eye’s culture and positive work environment, where employees are encouraged to thrive and contribute meaningfully. Peter’s wealth of experience and dedication to customer satisfaction and team development make him a valuable asset to Sky Eye’s continued success.