Senior Piping Designer

Mehdi is a highly skilled Senior Piping Designer with an impressive background in the oil and gas industry. Mehdi graduated from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary and prior to that, completed education in Montreal at Concordia University, specializing in Applied Mathematics. With 27 years of dedicated experience in Alberta’s oil and gas sector, Mehdi has established himself as a reliable and proficient professional.

Throughout his career, Mehdi has been a pivotal part of various projects, utilizing his expertise as a piping designer. His work involves contributing to crucial engineering aspects, such as on-site assessments, creating detailed as-builts for older facilities lacking documentation, and integrating essential components like compressors into existing structures. Mehdi’s extensive experience has taken him on the roads all over Alberta, visiting oil and gas sites, and honing his skills in the field.

Currently, Mehdi is a valuable Sky Eye team member, playing a significant role in piping and structural design projects. Mehdi finds fulfillment in his work at Sky Eye, where he appreciates the dynamic and supportive work environment.