Project Manager

Manny joined Sky Eye in March 2022, bringing with him a wealth of expertise and qualifications. He holds a diploma in mechanical engineering technology from NAIT and is a certified engineering technologist (CET) registered with ASET. Additionally, Manny is PMP certified.

Before he joined Sky Eye, Manny spent nine years at an Industrial Construction company. Starting with a NAIT co-op, he transitioned into a full-time role, working in the field as a project coordinator for five years. Later, Manny moved to the office, where he collaborated closely with project management and estimating teams.

At Sky Eye, Manny oversees a diverse project portfolio, ranging from smaller to mid-size projects. His responsibilities span the project management lifecycle and entail close collaboration with engineering and design teams and coordination with shop managers. Manny appreciates the proximity of engineering and manufacturing facilities and finds many opportunities for growth and learning working alongside those teams.