Piping Designer

Ken is a highly experienced Piping Designer with a career spanning over two decades, and brings a wealth of knowledge to Sky Eye.

Ken’s career journey includes engineering offices, fabrication facilities and operating plants throughout western Canada. This varied experience has made him adaptable and well-rounded. Ken has worked with oil and gas companies, mining operations, institutional organizations and specialized manufacturers to gain valuable insight into various aspects of the energy, utilities and fabrication industry.

At Sky Eye, Ken plays a crucial role as the bridge between business development and engineering teams to the shop floor. He gathers data from various stakeholders, including clients, contractors and vendors, to craft thorough and detailed piping and mechanical designs, which are then transformed into fabrication drawings for skid production. Ken enjoys Sky Eye’s fast-paced, dynamic environment, relishing the daily challenges and values the team’s responsiveness. His commitment to efficiency and precision makes him a key asset to our team.