Moduar terminals (Sky mods)

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Sky Eye’s Modular Terminals are suitable for various commodities, including crude, NGL, LPG, Butane, refined fuels, and biodiesels.Our extensive experience with truck and rail terminals across North America enables us to understand our end-users’ specific technical needs and design accordingly. We leverage modular, prefab designs called a Sky Mod


Air elimination and strainer

Coriolis or PD meter measurement

Full gas, fire, and H2S detection options

Centrifugal or sliding vane pump

VFD controlled motor

Additive injection system

Automated flow control and flow control valve

Overpressure relief and blowdown tank

Scully grounding and overfill protection

Watercut, pressure and temperature measurement

Retractable 25’ mast lighting

All Piping built to ASME B-31.3

All Piping built to ASME B-31.3

Full QC turnover package

Fully customizable packages depending on your specific needs

On-site commissioning

Optional on-site training

Optional Terminal Gantry system with various number of rail spots and load arms