Leading an industry

Built on the foundation of providing immediate, top quality rental and permanent solutions with an unwavering commitment to safe, application specific measurement solutions to fit your process. We strive to provide and manufacture the best equipment in the industry. With Journeymen Electricians and Instrumentation Technicians who are experienced problem solvers, our staff is made up of the most qualified people for our industry, we are driven to provide our customers with an unparalleled service experience.

“Our extensive rental fleet, superior products, and wide range of service packages are guaranteed to meet our clients individual needs.”

A dedicated team

Our team of dedicated, driven professionals truly sets us apart. We take pride in both our work and are committed to continue offering the top-quality products and stand-out service that our company was founded on. The challenge of the job is met with enthusiasm and the determination to go above and beyond the call of duty. With every customer and every job, our employees strive to meet and exceed customer expectations.