Crude Blending Package Specifications

  • HMI, PLC, Skid and building with complete electrical
  • Coriolis Flow Meters
  • Inline mixing element c/w C1 & C2 calculations
  • Sample points on feedstock and result streams
  • Volume weighted automatic composite Sampler
  • Fire & Gas Detection System
  • Inline water cut meter
  • 40m3/hr or 80m3/hr crude designs with 10% blend streams
  • Steel skid and self-framer building
  • Class 1 Zone 2 Area Rated, c/w FE Study
  • Instrument air header
  • Meter proving taps
  • General purpose room and MCC
  • Tank or Inline blending (automatic or manual modes)
  • Ratio, Density or TVP target blend modes
  • Shutdown Key, and Control Narrative
  • LED lighting and explosion proof receptacle
  • Plant communication and data mapping
  • Online Vapor Pressure Analyzer integrated for real time process control
  • Cut table, sink, chemical tank and centrifuge
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