Butane Transloader

Our Butane transloaders feature a clean, effective flow-through design for efficient offloading times and flow rates up 1150LPM / 300GPM. Optional Safe Top Access Gantry with hydraulic actuated gangway, and available in fixed and mobile configurations.

  • Compact compressor / pump package
  • Automated compressor and process shutdowns via PLC
  • Audio and visual alarm indication
  • Isolation of package via 6 automated ESD valves
  • Automated Truck Grounding system
  • Over pressure protection for piping and components
  • Standard Compressor Safety Equipment
  • Wireless shutdown remote
  • Engineered and certified package
  • Clean, effective flow-through design for efficient offloading times
  • Optional top access gantry with gangway can be fixed or portable
  • Optional low-power LED lighting with retractable mast
  • Optional on-board power generator
  • Flow rates up to 11500LPM/ 300GPM
  • Flow-rate indicator
  • Expert team of field technicians who work across North America
  • Meets and exceeds Canadian Safety Standards