Butane Injection Solution

A turnkey solution meets aggressive timelines for a Major Canadian Exploration and Production Company.

In late 2019, a Major Exploration and Production Company in Canada (the Client) engaged the Sky Eye Measurement team to produce a turnkey solution for a site in Northern Alberta. This solution comprised a butane truck offload package (a standard Sky Eye design), a portable butane storage bullet and a butane injection to pipeline blending system with a turnkey motor control center (MCC) and PLC. This solution aimed to enable the Client to increase production profits by injecting cost-efficient butane into their production stream. The Client had aggressive timelines for this project; our team kicked off product design in November 2019, fabricated the entire solution in about two weeks, and delivered it to site in early 2020.Because of our ability to deliver a solution from concept to delivery – design, engineering, drafting, procurement, fabrication, and commissioning – we could meet aggressive timelines without having to rely on any third-party providers. To facilitate quick turnaround, we leveraged strategic procurement to ensure quick-delivery parts, used one of Sky Eye’s stock designs for the truck offload package to expedite fabrication, and devised a portable storage bullet solution for the Client’s site. The butane injection solution was a NPSHr, high-head and low-flow pumping system with turnkey metering and flow control system. These applications are technically challenging from a design perspective because of the high volatility of butane. Our team leveraged their experience in managing volatile LPGs to ensure that the Client has a safe, high-functioning solution.

Temporary, low-cost design paves the way for a permanent install.

Sky Eye’s Engineering team managed the design registration with ABSA, furthering our ability to deliver without any third-party delays. Our team worked closely with the Client’s facility engineers, which gave us the ability to intimately understand the Client’s operational requirements and design accordingly – our turnkey MCC design resulted from that relationship. Dynamic process conditions meant that our Engineering group had to be agile. Throughout the course of the project, two pumps initially designed to run in parallel on the blending system were re-resigned to a series configuration to increase differential pressure. Our design team chose to use regenerative turbine pipes to utilize readily available pumps which offered enough hydraulic capacity to meet the design specification.We repurposed a portable LPG trailer to provide a temporary storage bullet for the Client. This temporary solution aligned with our quick turnaround strategy and ensured that the Client could store butane on-site without large capital investment or the need to create permanent infrastructure. Phase two of this project will see Sky Eye designing and installing permanent storage infrastructure on-site.

Technical Specs of This Project Include

  • Regnerative turbine pipes
  • Portable butane storage bullets
  • Turnkey MCC design

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