Sky Eye Measurement is a Global Leader in Energy Transfer Solutions.
We build transloaders, blending units and pop-up terminals. 

Our Values


Industry Leaders

Sky Eye was founded in Valleyview, Alberta, Canada, in 2005 by President Richard Hansen. At that time, we set out to provide top-quality measurement solutions that were safe and application-specific – mostly SCADA units and Truck Offload Packages for upstream clients in Alberta. Today, we build a wide range of solutions, including transloaders, blending units and pop-up terminals for clients across North America. Our 50,000 SF Head office and Fabrication Facility is located in Acheson, Alberta, and we have service and sales hubs at offices in Calgary, AB, Houston, TX and Monterrey, MX. 



A Dedicated Team

#teamskyeye is one of the best in the business. Over 60% of our business from repeat clients, and we attribute that to one simple reason: our Service. We take great pride in our products, and we strive to deliver the best of the best to our clients. 

Our team includes engineers, designers, a complete fabrication team and on-site service crew. We’re on a mission: to become Global Leaders in Energy Transfer Solutions. That mission is reflected in everything that we do: from design all the way to site service.