An innovative Sky Eye design provides a simultaneous blending and loading solution.

At the beginning of March 2020, a large Energy Producer reached out to the team at Sky Eye for a gasoline blending and diesel transloader solution for their site in Guadalajara, Mexico. The solution was on site by June 2020.

The transloader was designed to be used to blend regular or premium gasoline with MTBE. The transloader would then load the product onto trucks for distribution. Additionally, this transloader was designed to be able to load diesel and gasoline onto trucks simultaneously. 

This client required a solution to load a two-compartment truck or a truck with two trailers simultaneously while also having the option of selecting different products with the arms of the transloader. The team at Sky Eye had to provide a solution with a two-load arm system that would adhere to safety standards while still being functional for the client. Our team needed to design a system that would detect what position the load arms were in and whether a singular arm or both arms were in use to prevent accidental overfills. If both arms of the transloader were in use, they also needed a solution that would detect whether these arms were loading different compartments in the same trailer or if they were loading two different trailers. The solution needed to differentiate the use so that the team could determine which overfill sensors, pumps, and permissives needed to be activated while the transloader was in use. To fulfill this need and detect the different uses of the transloader arms, the team at Sky eye installed position switches that would activate depending on the arm’s location.We designed load arms that could reach different length compartments or dual trailers. Because of this need, the transloader that the Sky Eye team designed could meet in the middle of a single trailer, but it could also reach as far as 40 FT to load a dual trailer truck.

This turnkey solution enabled our client to load multiple products on two load arms while blending in additives to the fuel. 

Additionally, this transloader featured gasoline blending of up to 1500 LPM on each arm, the capability of additive injections into each arm, fire and gas detection, and top tech flow computer volume tracking. The ability for this transloader to load multiple products on two load arms while blending in additives to the fuel comes at a great benefit to our client. This project is also a turnkey solution in their production as it can be deployed to the site and move products quickly.

The team at Sky Eye provides solutions to our clients that meet the specific needs of the job at hand. In this case, a solution to simultaneously load diesel and gasoline with optional added injections regardless of fuel grade. We are committed to finding these solutions for our clients to ensure that the work onsite meets our safety standards while fulfilling the unique needs of our clients.


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